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The Louisiana Association of Planning and Development Districts is a network of eight multi- service organizations that collaboratively and uniquely address community and economic development in their respective diverse regions of Louisiana. LAPDD actively partners with local, state, and federal governmental entities to secure and oversee funding, provides crucial administrative and technical support, and contributes to short and long-term community planning activities aimed at overcoming economic, social, geographical, and institutional obstacles. Established in 1977 by State Act 472, LAPDD works to transform Louisiana’s future, region by region, for a statewide legacy of prosperity and community excellence.

Each district is governed by a board composed of public and private area leaders, including Parish councilmen and Jurors, Mayors, businessmen, and minority representation.

The LAPDD exists to promote a sense of awareness and understanding of the interdependent nature of local, state, and federal levels of government in the communities. This interdependence includes communities, both rural and urban, metropolitan, and non-metropolitan. It most certainly includes planning and development at the multi-jurisdictional level, across local governmental boundaries in both metropolitan and nonmetropolitan areas. The further mission of the LAPDD is to provide a forum and mechanism for the exchange of information, knowledge, and solutions among professional planners, appointed planning officials, and other allied groups and individuals involved in urban and regional planning.